Gabriel has been very close to computers since he was a kid. He started programming just for fun at the age of ten on his Commodore 64. Although he has no formal education on the subject, he continues to code, always with an artistic and curious motivation.

He studied music theory, piano, cello and choir at the Manuel de Falla conservatory, later graduating as a philosophy professor. These approaches give Gabriel’s work as a producer and a theorist complex dimensions. His work reflects on many subjects that are linked from his perspective, such as technology, subjectivity, science, art and culture in general.

He coordinated the first live-coding meetings and concerts in Argentina, originally promoted and based in CASo (Centro de Arte Sonoro) at the national Casa del Bicentenario. He’s on a long investigation regarding bytebeat, and developed his own live-coding bytebeat/floatboat language called Ramp Code.