Dot Lung aka Mother of Social Media Dragons is on a mission to empower creative people to take over the world.

Through her interest in human behavior and all things social, she’s created a magical *Dragon’s Formula* to build global tribes and communities organically from scratch. Dot is the Khaleesi behind the IG launches for #SocialDragons like Facebook, Wix, Motionographer, Digital Design Days, OFFF Festival, Ladies Wine and Design Barcelona, Sonar+D, Paper Sessions by OCB and Nipple Magazine.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, she’s now based along the Mediterranean coast residing in between sunny Tel Aviv and Barcelona. Catch Dot’s continent hopping and speaking endeavours on stages like VidCon, Promax, DDD, FITC, UsByNight, Digitized, Social Media Days and more.

Digitally, you can follow along with Dot’s adventures and interests on her favourite social media platform, Instagram.