Curtis Morley has a true passion for Flash and has been working with the tool since the early-early days. Curtis founded musicRAIN, an award winning company that uses Flash/Flex to sell interactive digital sheet music. At the same time he became the first teacher in the state of Utah to teach Flash and one of the first in the country(Right behind Phillip Kerman). Before founding his companies he worked at one of the top ten web properties in the world, Curtis helps out the Flash community by posting in depth resolutions to Flash/Flex errors at He is the writer/creator of international Flash certifications and certified in Adobe Flash. Curtis has worked with Fortune 1000 clients such as Franklin Covey, Novell, Intel/Micron Flash, Alfred Music Publishing, and international clients like Air New Zealand and CIIC of China. He also speaks Japanese Most importantly Curtis has an 11 month old “Buddha Baby” daughter that is in the 100th percentile in weight and 90 percent in height.