About 26 years ago, Claus Wahlers got a very special gift for christmas: A brand new Commodore 64. Much to the irritation of his parents, he spent countless days and nights hacking his new toy, and soon built a 300 baud acoustic coupler and explored the amazing world of BBSs (“Of course that’s legal, mom!”).

Ever since, Claus has been passionate about programming. Amongst many other things, he wrote firmware for microprocessor based industrial devices, homebanking software for Teletext systems, and a browser rendering engine as well as a Commodore 64 emulator in Actionscript.

Today, Claus runs a dev shop in Sao Paulo, Brazil, called cĂ´deazur. He and his team specialize on Actionscript, Ruby, Python and (Obj-)C(++) development, and provide technical consulting on emerging web technologies.