Currently living and working in Toronto, Canada, Chris has carried his sensibilities and experiences from his mentorship under Bruce Mau in the world of print, branding, product, video and architectural design into motion design and film. Over the course of his creative career, Chris has actively sought out beauty and meaning in the places where design, visual arts and natural sciences converge.

In 2010, Chris and his partners Alexandre Torres, Kate Bate and Patrick Coffey founded Tendril. Today, with offices in Toronto, Canada and São Paulo, Brazil, Tendril is a diverse group of directors, designers, artists and producers that come together to create paradigm-shifting work and push the boundaries of visual storytelling experiences.

Tendril has been awarded globally by leaders in the fields of design, communication, interactive arts, and motion graphics by such governing bodies as Cannes, the YDA, the ADCCs, the FWA, AIGA, and many others. In his free time, Chris explores deserts, gets lost in forests chasing bugs around with macro lenses, and fabricates 3D printed fractals.