Brian Connatser is a Channel Developer for litl. With over 14 years in the design and development field, Brian has lived through the common phases of a developer’s career. Starting as a 3D animator, web and multimedia designer for a start up that created work for many Fortune 500 clients. From the start up he moved on to do nearly 3 years hard time in Management before returning back to the production world that he missed so much.

Today as an AS3 Developer, he creates robust channels for the litl web book, specializing in AS3, Flash, Flex, build automation and source control. He is constantly learning and researching for newer or better techniques to develop quality applications, automation and improving efficiency.

He can be found hanging out on Twitter as @connatser, or blogging at Here he stays active in the Flash Community, attending conferences such as Flash and the City, RIAUnleashed, 360Flex and MAX. Also he enjoys helping with Flash Community Cares as part of the team that promotes giving back through the auction of Adobe Flash related items.

Outside of the world of RIA he enjoys spending quality time with his wife, 2 young sons, and his Chocolate Lab and Blue Great Dane. While living in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, he enjoys mountain biking, wake boarding and keeping the top off of his Jeep as much as possible.