Brady Gilchrist has been in the digital business from the beginning. Brady is a sailor, pilot, photographer, writer and entrepreneur. His first business was creating mobile applications – before mobile was a buzz. The technology he created was sold and a non-compete brought him into the internet business in the early 90s. His second business was one of Canada’s first online agencies.

He has been involved in a number of interesting projects including “A Digital Life” when in 1999 he wired up a 27 foot sailboat to the Internet and accidentally became one of the first bloggers. He travelled up the coast of Africa on the Microsoft, Sony and Stern sponsored Starship Millennium voyage as part of a crew making a multimedia record of our world at the turn of the century.

As Brady says he has been fortunate to be at the right times and right places for serendipity to take him in interesting directions.

In his professional life he has been a Senior Vice President at GJP advertising, Executive Vice President and CSO at Fuel Industries and is now President of the Admodo group. His responsibilities these days are investing, inventing and evangelizing very new things. His business endeavors have taken him around the world.

He currently sits on the board of directors for Sketch, is a member of S&P Vista’s Society of Industry Leaders and has been part of teams that have won just about every major online advertising award.