A disruptive force for change and thought-leader in an industry regarded for restrictions and compliancy, offering a positive perspective and innovative solutions to complex problems relating to universal usability. A proven track record of matching business goals with all users needs to lead the way in client experience.

Alicia started at RBC initially as an intern in the IT accessibility department. from there, she was brought on as a full-time employee in quality assurance.

Alicia’s internship with IT accessibility and previous work experience as an accessibility consultant has allowed her to work with multiple teams. Specializing in accessibility requires Alicia to understand international accessibility guidelines and standards and ensure that projects are following these guidelines. Alicia has had experience training and coaching teams on what it means for an application to be accessible. She also works with adaptive technologies including JAWS and ZoomText. Finding accessible solutions often requires thinking outside the box.

Beyond IT accessibility, Alicia also has marketing, content management, research and program development experience. Alicia has also been a peer educator, peer counsellor, safety ambassador, background performer (extra), and organizational representative.

Alicia regularly participates in various meet-ups and workshops and has been a delegate at many conferences, both locally and internationally.