Born in the UK, Adam Hunter, literally laid the foundations of his career brick by brick.

Starting as a brick carrier, Adam moved up to Tea boy at a recording studio where just a few short years later and a lot of playing on computers Adam was the Head of Engineering.

Having discovered a passion for all things digital, Adam went back to University to for a degree in Software Engineering. But winning academic award after award wasn’t enough of a challenge, so Adam decided to start over and move to Canada. He lead the Web Development Teams at Standard Radio and Astral Media Radio. In 2009 he joined Rogers Digital Media, where he lead the Mobile Development Team.

Adam has recently joined SplitElement as CTO.

Adam is a pushing the edge, constantly seeking a challenge British bloke who acknowledges that playing ultimate Frisbee and biking to work for a year “for fun” is nothing in comparison to being the father of two little girls.