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Note: This is a full day workshop (10-5pm) held on Sept 16th so is only available for WORKS and WORKSHOP ticket holders.

Choosing a framework for your next project is a daunting task; there are so many options with fervent supporters that it seems there is no one exclusively right path. This workshop won’t be a pitch for any one of them: instead, Brian Holt aims to give you context for each of the four frameworks (Ember, Angular, React, and Backbone) so that you can make your own informed decision when you look to choose the framework right for your project.


To give attendees an informed opinion on each of the four frameworks so they can make a good decision on which framework to pursue in personal or professional work.

Target Audience

JavaScript developers who want to have a basic understanding of each of these popular frameworks.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

The presentation will be best understood by those who already have a decent grasp of JavaScript and have an understanding of the MVC separation of concerns. Much of the workshop will still be useful to those who don’t fully understand MVC – perhaps it will be a good way to gain some insight by implementing it.

Five things audience members will learn

In each of the four frameworks, audience members will learn:

  1. A high-level technical understanding of the mechanisms of the framework.
  2. How to bootstrap an app.
  3. How to do basic CRUD operations on data.
  4. How to achieve two-way data binding.
  5. The features unique to the framework.