FITC Amsterdam 2011

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thought everyone was over the whole Flash vs HTML5 debate, but I was wrong. Instead of accepting new developments and making changes accordingly, many are in a state of inactivity and comfortable denial has set in. Every now and then you get a glimpse of torrent of emotions that have been bubbling under the surface for months. Who knew!?

So I’m bringing back my “What the Flux!?” This has been my most popular presentation ever.

Since I first gave this talk I’ve been very heartened to see people exploring all the emerging avenues, but there are parts of the Flash community that are still insular, due in part to the bashing our beloved technology gets in the press.

So it’s important to see what Flash looks like from the outside, so I interviewed (on camera) 3 open web experts, Andy Budd, 
Jeremy Keith and Remy Sharp.

They were extremely honest and frank on their thoughts on Flash and its relevance in today’s web. Trust me, you need to hear what they’re saying.

I also spoke to Flash community members who were there at the very start, Jer ThorpBrendan Dawes and Branden Hall to find out how the emerging new tech has affected their work.

I’ll be broaching tricky subjects like ” “Apple vs Adobe”, and “Flash vs HTML5″, and “Why do people hate Flash?”, and now updated to include in browser 3D and the production readiness of HTML5.

So what have I discovered? Is Flash dead? Is Apple evil? Is HMTL5 production ready? All will be revealed… and if it gets too heated, don’t worry, there’ll be a game show to lighten the mood.  And kittens.