FITC Amsterdam 2011

2011-03-08 00:00:00 2011-03-10 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Amsterdam 2011 With some of the most interesting and engaging presenters from around the globe, FITC Amsterdam 2011 will be 2 days and 2 nights that will leave you inspired, energized and awed. Amsterdam FITC Amsterdam



The introduction of GPU accelerated 3D graphics is the most important new feature in the Flash Player this year. Unity3D is growing quickly, even WebGL is slowly coming along. As it was with the gaming industry 15 years ago, 3D is becoming an integral part of the web right now. Powerful graphics bring a whole new world of possibilities for web & mobile production. It also brings a whole new level of client expectations.

Many Flash developers might be asking themselves: how will this change my work? How will this affect the development process? The answer is: a lot. The world of 3D is very different from 2D and you will need to get into a new mindset and adopt a different workflow.

During this session Bartek will explore the challenges when moving from 2D to 3D development. He will take a closer look at the assets used in 3D production, talk about communication between developers and 3D artists and examine the 3D rendering pipeline to see how it all fits together. Everything will be illustrated by real life projects made with Unity3D and Away3D.

Both designers and developers who want to start working on large-scale 3D projects.

You will learn about different types of assets, like models, textures and shaders; how they are being created and used inside a 3D project with many tips and techniques. You will also learn the necessary vocabulary to communicate with other team members.