FITC Amsterdam 2012

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An Influxis Voodoo lounge presentation
Only at FITC. Free drinks. 30 minute presentations. Cool topics! Unique, on-the-fly presentations from the worlds top creators.

Working at Wooga means a lot of fun and some interesting challenges. We develop Flash games that reach millions of players every day. But we also strive to create the most engaging and competitive games on the market which is not an easy feat in the crowded social games space.

One way we stay competitive is by constantly analysing what our players like and then adjusting our games. We do this with extensive A/B-Testing and applying improvements based on their results. This way our games and the corresponding code base is continually evolving. It’s a big challenge, but also very fun and rewarding!

This talk will focus on the development and team implications that such an evolving environment creates. Continuously changing a large code base within a dynamic team can easily lead to a big mess. By using techniques like encapsulated A/B tests, Unit Testing, Mocking and Continuous Integration I will show you that constant improvements are possible.