FITC Spotlight UX (Online)

2020-12-08 00:00:00 2020-12-09 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Spotlight UX (Online) Join us for this exciting afternoon online event for designers looking to extend their UX skills with six amazing talks and Q&A. The event will run from 12pm to 5:00 EST and will have six speakers.   Why buy a ticket? Ideas and inspiration Network… Online FITC Online



The ground that the design-and-technology field sits is constantly shifting. The forces of change can be imperceptible. Over decades, the economy has moved from manufacturing “things” to services and products, which are now “smart” and connected to vast and complex systems. This shift has rewarded some with rich careers in design and left others behind. Sometimes, change occurs unexpectedly, forcing the entire field to suddenly respond. With the rise of Big Data and machine learning technology, designers strive to acquire new data-driven/data-aware practices that fall outside of a traditional design education.

How do designers steady themselves atop shaky ground to develop a lasting and fulfilling career in design? What are the essential skills worth acquiring and honing? How will practicing the skills we worked so hard to possess and developing new ones lead to career advancement in your organization or company? Michael Yap will discuss his many career paths as a designer and design manager at Etsy and his work to author the Product Design organization’s first ever career ladder to help members of his team purposefully and effectively achieve their own highest career ambitions.


Provide product designers the knowledge and know-how to effectively develop their skills and advance their careers for a lasting and fulfilling career in design.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. A conceptual framework for designers to think about their careers
  2. A definition of career advancement in the context of contemporary product design practice
  3. The essential skills designers ought to possess and hone during the course of their careers
  4. How to apply this knowing into actionable steps to propel designers towards achieving their career ambitions
  5. Practical tips and advice from a hiring manager

Target Audience

Designers who desire a fulfilling and lasting career