Web Unleashed 2015
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In the era of the Internet of Things, connecting things to the mobile devices and the web is becoming ubiquitous. You can control room light using your mobile phone. You can monitor your heart rate and weight in a browser. Front-end developers like you already have skills to prototype software ideas, so why not prototype the Internet of Everything?

In this talk, Tomomi Imura, a front-end engineer with no background in electrical engineering, shares how she got started with hardware hacking with JavaScript.


To get started with hardware hacking with JavaScript.

Target Audience

Front-end engineers with no prior experiences with hardware.

Level of knowledge


Five things audience will learn

  1. Why the Internet of Things matter to front-end engineers and UX designers
  2. Basic knowledge to get started with hardware
  3. Types of microcontrollers and microprocessors you can hack with JavaScript
  4. Johnny-Five framework
  5. How to prepare yourself to prototype the Internet of Everything