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As most Android developers know, dealing with the extreme degree of fragmentation in the Android ecosystem is often challenging. Among the more difficult challenges is managing memory usage, as devices that are in the market today can have as little as 13MB of memory. Now imagine the pains that developers go through when faced with the headache of having massive bitmaps eat up memory in a millisecond.
In this presentation, James Halpern will talk about the complexities of image and memory management in Android and walk you through the creation of a successful, powerful and open source image management utility. Come to this presentation to learn about techniques that will help you optimize the performance of your apps. Learn about Android’s memory limitations and the role the garbage collector plays in your app’s performance and complexity. Learn how to communicate android graphics issues to developers, and how good design can create fewer bugs. James will conclude this presentation by briefly walking you through his open sourced image management solution that gracefully handles most of these issues in a simple to use package.