2013-10-03 00:00:00 2013-10-05 00:00:00 America/Toronto SCREENS 2013 SCREENS is dedicated to covering development for mobile devices and operating systems. Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to access websites and applications, and companies are taking notice. Through two days of presentations, demonstrations and panel discussions, as well as an optional day of workshops,… Toronto FITC Toronto

15,000 downloads in 15 days
How to Create an Amazing Multi-Player/Multi-Device Experience for iOS Devices With the increasing sophistication of smartphone devices, people are looking for socially connected and interactive mobile gaming experiences. People want… Read more…
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9 Fails
You’ve come to screens to discover how to do mobile apps right but there’s just as much value in finding how not to do it wrong. In this revealing presentation… Read more…
Hoss Gifford
Appcelerator Alloy: Rapid development of high quality mobile apps
Traditional mobile development tools do not enable the separation of the user interface, business logic and data models for a given application. Alloy is an MVC framework for Appcelerator’s Titanium… Read more…
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Tristan Roscoe
Being a Good App is Not Good Enough
Being a good app is not good enough these days as the app stores are extremely crowded and being a good app is not good enough to get discovered downloaded… Read more…
Gary Yentin
Brain Sensing Technology
InteraXon is bringing wearable technology and EEG – technology until only recently available in medical labs – to the consumer space with Muse: a flexible light 6 sensor brain sensing… Read more…
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Trevor Coleman
Bringing your Unity game to Windows and Windows Phone
Unity has quickly become the go to tool in the indie game scene. The recently announced partnership between Microsoft and Unity has made it more even more enticing.  Offering free… Read more…
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Michael MacDonald
Building a Candy Crush Style Game in Under 1 Hour
Casual mobile games, such as’s Candy Crush Saga, are setting monetization records and attracting a huge audience. David Rangel of Corona Labs will show mobile developers how they can use Corona SDK to build… Read more…
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David Rangel
Building A Mobile Prototyping Framework with Grunt, Yeoman, Bower & Sass
Designing and developing a visually appealing prototype on Android or iOS can be a real pain in the keister. In this presentation attendee’s will learn how to take advantage of… Read more…
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Bermon Painter
Building a Startup Stack with AngularJS
AngularJS is a hot, hot, hot topic. Building web and mobile apps in AngularJS is an ease but there is a learning curve. In this session, you’ll learn the ins… Read more…
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Nick Van Weerdenburg
Building PhoneGap apps with the MEAN stack. Mongo, Express, Angular & Node
PhoneGap is a very powerful technology. It lets you run apps made in HTML5/JS on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and many other platforms. Building large scale apps can be a… Read more…
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Faisal Abid
Computer Vision with OpenCV
This talk looks at how Computer Vision can be used to sense of what the phone camera sees and use it as an input can create some compelling and unique… Read more…
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Greg Goralski
Creating Tumblr: How we pitched and won the design and build of Tumblr’s Windows Phone app
In this session, we’ll explore our experience designing and building the Tumblr Windows Phone application, from pitch to market release. You’ll hear how we set ourselves apart from the competition… Read more…
CSS Pre-Processors: Sass, Less, & Stylus
An overview of the popular pre-processors: Stylus, Less & Sass, with features subdivided up into easy to learn sections of beginner, intermediate and advanced. Audience will learn: • what is a… Read more…
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Bermon Painter
Does Your App Really Solve a Problem?
So you have an app idea. Or several of them, for that matter. How do you decide on which one to pursue? A lot of innovators and developers spend time… Read more…
Anthony Ilukwe
ECMA5 approach to building JavaScript frameworks
ECMA5 has given JavaScript a number of new ways to define and manipulate objects. In this session, attendees will learn how to combine Require.js and ECMA5’s object manipulation functions to… Read more…
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Anzor Bashkhaz
Free Range Arduino
Christopher shares approaches to connecting the Arduino prototyping platform to Android and iOS enabled phones and tablets. This presentation will include demonstrations of Breakout.js, connecting to Android using the Mega… Read more…
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Christopher Lewis
Fire Burns Up, Inc.
Getting Intimate with Images on Android
As most Android developers know, dealing with the extreme degree of fragmentation in the Android ecosystem is often challenging. Among the more difficult challenges is managing memory usage, as devices… Read more…
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James Halpern
GitHub for Designers
In this talk, Teehan+Lax developer Ash Furrow will guide designers through the basics of GitHub. He’ll discuss why GitHub is important and teach you the high-level concepts that will get… Read more…
Ash Furrow
Glass w/o Glass: Developing native Glass applications without the hardware
There are about 10,000 Google Glass devices in the wild, but only a fraction of those are in the hands of developers. Mike DiGiovanni, creator of Glass apps like Launchy,… Read more…
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Mike DiGiovanni
How to Build a 5-star App
This talk will go through what we have learned in building five star apps for the world’s most important companies & top brands. We will be debunking myths on building… Read more…
Dwayne Forde
Intro to Sencha Touch and Sencha Ext JS
As the world shifts to HTML5 and CSS3 developing application UI in pure javascript is a great effort in complexity and repetition. By using Sencha’s Javascript frameworks, Sencha Touch and… Read more…
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Luke Kilpatrick
Kendo UI: The HTML5 Developer Sword
Kendo UI is an HTML5 framework for building stunning UI for both desktop and mobile as well as rich data visualization.  It provides everything you need for building sites and apps… Read more…
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Lee Brandt
Lessons from Classic Industrial Design for a Digital World
What can classic industrial design teach us about designing for digital? This talk looks at design icons from typewriters to chairs and asks how we can apply learning from the… Read more…
Linnea Vizard
Lessons Learned in Developing for the Smallest Screen: Smart Watches
Join Adrian and Robert as they present an overview of smart watches including the Pebble and the Sony SmartWatch 2, their key differentiators, respective programming models and ecosystems and some… Read more…
Motion Creates Emotion with iOS7
A hands-on and comprehensive look at how engineers can leverage motion and transitions in the new iOS7 SDK to create the most delightful experiences. Make your animations come true-to-life through… Read more…
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Simeon de Dios
MVP: Minimum Viable Product vs. Maximum Value Product
The talk will be primarily focussed on the native (mobile & tablet) apps market, split evenly between net-new products and substantial relaunches, however the philosophies, practices and processes are equally… Read more…
Adam Smith
Neuroscience Brightens Up the Grey Area of User Feedback
Until now, Marketers have relied heavily on users’ explicit responses and feedback to mobile applications to determine whether their mobile commerce efforts have hit the mark. However, with so many… Read more…
Next Generation Streaming Video
This session will explore the leading edge in the world of video delivery, an open standard, supported by the industry’s biggest players, named MPEG-DASH and its companion project dash.js. While we… Read more…
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Jeff Tapper
Digital Primates
Nobody Loves My App
By now, if you’re building apps for mobile platforms, you probably realize that the “amazing opportunity” to make money on the various app stores is a bit of a fallacy. … Read more…
Paul Laberge
OOCSS in the Real World: A Case Study from the CBC
Object Oriented CSS is starting to gain serious traction in the web development world. OOCSS, SMACSS, BEM, Twitter Bootstrap, inuit.css, Pure… all of these share underlying principles that force us… Read more…
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Jamie Strachan
Info-Tech Research Group
Panel: Improved Production Process for Mobile
Overall insights into best practices, how to capitalize on cost efficiencies, avoid pit-falls and problem areas, how to improve your own productions. Gain a greater understanding into the many areas… Read more…
Performance as UX
In this talk, Digiflare lead iOS developer Justin Howlett will discuss the impact of performance on User Experience. Justin will discuss easy to implement platform agnostic techniques, technologies and libraries… Read more…
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Justin Howlett
Prototyping: Why You Should Fail Fast to Succeed Faster
It’s only too easy to not ‘look before you leap’ when starting a new development project, pretending to be an expert, and placing too much emphasis upfront on the development… Read more…
Rich Gilbank
Screens with Feeling
Touchscreens have become the default UI in mobile devices, but with their adoption the lack of a tactile response is a common complaint. We find that not being able to feel simple… Read more…
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Bob Heubel
Sencha Space : The secure way to deploy interconnected HTML5 applications
Sencha Space allows your HTML5 applications to be more powerful, more integrated and more secure than ever before.
Luke will discuss the Sencha Space SDK’s device-level options for secure… Read more…
Web Dev
Luke Kilpatrick
Sense, Understand, Adapt: A Development Paradigm for Mobile Computing
With over a billion people using smartphones worldwide, mobile app developers must create amazing user experiences in order to compete.  And with the ability for these smartphones to interact with… Read more…
Web Dev
Manny Elawar
Serious Games
Serious Games: It’s time to get serious about playing games.  How you can use game mechanics to increase exhibit attendee engagement, create viral network effects, and seamlessly support lead generation.… Read more…
Ben Unsworth
Should I Build a Separate Mobile Site or a Responsive Site? Neither!
Derek Watson, Senior Developer at TWG, reviews the two most popular strategies for creating mobile web properties (separate mobile-specific sites vs. responsive css), the pros and cons of each, and… Read more…
Web Dev
Derek Watson
Should We Have an App For That? The Value of Apps For Businesses
For businesses whose core business isn’t mobile apps, what value can apps provide? From Branding to Lead Generation to Process Automation, there’s a broad range of ways that mobile apps… Read more…
Christina Moulton
Smooth Out Your Website Speedbumps
If all of our Internet connections are so fast, why do our websites still feel slow slow? Even if you don’t care about dialup connections, your users still have to… Read more…
Web Dev
Mike Butcher
The Loom Game Engine: Native, Mobile, Live Reloading
Want to develop your app for multiple devices simultaneously? With live reload of code and assets? A familiar scripting AS3-like scripting language? And a fully open native stack? So did… Read more…
Web Dev
Ben Garney
The Responsive Web
“Can you make it responsive?” is a question asked at the beginning of just about every web project Marc has worked on over the past year or two and it… Read more…
Web Dev
Marc Pelland
TV is Dead! Long Live TV!
Is it too far-fetched to envision an entertainment ecosystem that treats devices as symbiotic peers? With changes in entertainment viewing habits and fragmentation in consumer electronics, we are experiencing overwhelming… Read more…
Joel Grenier
U + I in the Cloud
Leon will take you on a narrative journey delving into the world of Cloud (SaaS) based application design for web and tablet. He will discuss the process and insights he… Read more…
Leon Vymenets
Unique Features of Windows 8 Store Apps
These aren’t your daddy’s Windows apps! Windows 8 Store apps are a significant departure from the traditional development model on Windows. At first glance the differences are obvious: full screen,… Read more…
Web Dev
Peter Newhook
Web Content & Creative Constraints (W3Cs)
It’s an unfortunate fact that even manipulating text, on the web, isn’t as easy as we’d like. Building beautifully rich and interactive web experiences across a variety of contexts and… Read more…
Web Dev
Darcy Clarke
What Accessible Design Can Teach You About Responsive Design
In 2010 Ethan Marcotte coined responsive design for all of us to consume content on small (at first) devices without losing our eye-sight. He did not quite phrase it like… Read more…
George Zamfir
What You Can Learn From a 4 Year Old About Ponies and Mobile UX
Look at mobile from a child’s perspective to gain insight to practical take-a-ways for implementation with real world examples. See how storytelling, usability and interactive design change the mobile user… Read more…
Web Dev
Andrew Smyk
Sheridan College
Workshop: Developing cross-platform mobile applications using SenchaTouch
Note that this all day workshop is offered on the pre-event workshop day on Oct 2 and therefore is only available to those who have ‘The Works’ or the ‘… Read more…