FITC Amsterdam 2009

2009-02-22 00:00:00 2009-02-25 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Amsterdam 2009 There is no other event quite like FITC Amsterdam. The combination of unbelievable presenters from around the globe, incredible networking opportunities, and the infamous FITC parties, all with the amazing backdrop of the city of Amsterdam, creates a stage set for the unexpected. Amsterdam FITC Amsterdam



  • Versioning
  • Player Penetration
  • Player Overview
  • VMs, Basic AS3 Optimization
  • FTE (Flash Text Engine

Now we have layout options!

  •  TextField
  • FTE

And rendering options

  • Saffron – now faster & improved
  • CFF

An imperfect collision of technologies.

Practical Garbage Collection

  •         what it does…
  •        …and doesn’t do

GPU Acceleration
GPU Compositing

  •         Theory
  •         How to use
  •         Driver version checking
  •         Slow rollout


  •     Now the renderer is programmable too!
  •     Injects code into the rendering pipeline
  •     Can be highly parallel


  •     Integrated into display list
  •     Z is render only, not real depth
  •     But correct perspective rendering is great!
  •     Pixel coordinate fun

Drawing API 2

  •     Same renderer
  •     Faster data structures
  •     Floating point renderer
  •     2.5D Goodness

Search Player

  •     Current approaches to indexing SWF files are limited
  •     How it works
  •     What you (don’t) have to do.
  •     Best Practices.