2011-11-14 00:00:00 2011-11-16 00:00:00 America/Toronto SCREENS 2011 After two successful FITC Mobile conferences we have transformed the event into SCREENS, now dedicated to mobile, tablet and set top box development. Jam packed with information and a massive networking opportunity, SCREENS consists of presentations, demonstrations and panel discussions. It is one of the… Toronto FITC Toronto



In complex apps, creating user interfaces that are responsive can be difficult. As such, threading is an important part of the design and should not be overlooked. Strategies which manually manage threading, however, quickly become complex and error prone. As of IOS 4, Apple has added a powerful set of tools that abstract away thread management: Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) and Blocks. Despite being low level, GCD is simple to use. Apple has incorporated blocks in many API calls and we believe this is the future of asynchronous programming in IOS. In this session, we explore GCD and blocks in a real world IOS application, in the context of loading / caching remote data.

iOS Developers

Technical knowledge of programming with GCD and Blocks