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Our identities and the act of establishing trust between individuals and other parties is key to so many aspects of our daily lives. From accessing our personal devices and data, to banking, and pretty much any interaction with technology or services, identity is currently a key point of friction in so many modern experiences. If we can make that friction melt away, we can usher in a new era of seamless, personalized, and trusted interactions. We want to look at the future of identity – to answer the question what if identity was easy? As the makers of the Nymi, the only wearable technology device dedicated to solving the identity problem, we are ideally suited to discuss the present and future of identity, authentication and the role of privacy.


To present our vision of the future of identity: We believe creating trusted relationships between both people and their devices, people and services and people and people can be done through wearable technology.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in technology, wearable technology, identity or more.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. Our vision for a future of personalization through wearable identity
  2. The identity problem – How technology requires an update in how we present our identities
  3. A current look at some of the technologies that are working on fixing the identity problem
  4. How technology can enable trusted relationships between people and services
  5. The Toronto wearable community