Web Unleashed 2012

2012-11-08 00:00:00 2012-11-10 00:00:00 America/Toronto Web Unleashed 2012 FITC is back in New England, but this time around we bring you Web Unleashed. Waltham, MA FITC Waltham, MA



You may have heard recently this whole notion of the “Internet of Things”. This idea of hooking up our physical, organic, analog world with digital, connected, electronic world of computing. The DIY culture and the maker generation is upon us … time for you to get involved in PHYSICAL COMPUTING!

In the time we have allotted, we’ll take a look at as well as working with other internet-based micro controller boards such as BeagleBone, Rascal Micro, TWINE, Arduino, and others. Along the way we’ll cover some basic electronics, a couple of sample projects with micro controllers, a robot (or two), loads of sensors, sending/receiving cloud based data, and more.

After this session you’ll walk away with:

* High level knowledge about how to most easily connect software to hardware, and vice versa.
* Resources and knowledge needed to get you started in Physical Computing
* An overview on several popular web centric embedded computing platforms such as BeagleBone, Rascal Micro, and others.
* Reasons you might discuss with your team to help start experimenting.
* The inspiration to start making “things”!

Wait … Did I forget to mention we’ll have several on-site demos to make the session interactive.Yes … yes, we will. Come join the fun! :-]