SCREENS is dedicated to covering development for mobile devices and operating systems. Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to access websites and applications, and companies are taking notice. Through two days of presentations, demonstrations and panel discussions, as well as an optional day of workshops, SCREENS will give you the know how to address client needs (and demands!) as we move forward into the mobile future.

Join like-minded professionals and internationally renowned speakers for:

  • 2 full days of presentations, plus an optional day of workshops
  • 40+ presentations and panels covering all aspects of mobile, tablet and set top box development
  • 300+ anticipated attendees
  • Countless networking opportunities including an evening event

Who will be attending SCREENS?

SCREENS was put together with current and future mobile developers in mind. We have picked topics which range from beginner to advanced. While most of the topics covered will be technical in nature, we also aim to include coverage of usability and design considerations for these platforms. We will also cover how to monetize app content, what the market looks like, and how to market your product and services.

Why go to SCREENS?

If you’re serious about developing for mobile, then you know how quickly the space changes and the importance of keeping up-to-date. You also likely know first hand the demand for making both responsive and custom content for mobile devices. By attending SCREENS, you’ll not only get up-to-date on what’s in demand, but you’ll also learn the skills to fulfill client needs. You should also come to SCREENS to connect with link-minded folks working in your industry – you could very well meet your next boss, business partner or industry friend.