This is a full-day (10am to 5pm) technical training event in Mixed Reality development, guided by Microsoft experts, where attendees will build a Windows Mixed Reality application from scratch.

Developers will learn how to design and build a complete immersive virtual experience from end to end and get hands on with the new Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

All labs will be constructed using the Unity game engine and C#.

Who should attend?

This hands-on workshop is for any software developer who wants to learn how to build Windows Mixed Reality experiences.


  • Intro to Windows Mixed Reality
  • Building a mixed reality experience
  • Placing a virtual object in a 3D space
  • Interacting with virtual objects
  • Handling user movement in a 3D space
  • Deploying and building a custom 3D launcher
  • Q&A/Wrap-up/Where to go from here

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