Spotlight: JavaScript

2012-03-24 00:00:00 2012-03-25 00:00:00 America/Toronto Spotlight: JavaScript The Spotlight event series concentrates on relevant tech topics for one day, allowing interactive professionals and students to build up their skills at a low price point with a minimal time commitment. The second in the series puts a spotlight on JavaScript, a development language… Toronto FITC Toronto


HAXE + JS == ❤
Javascript is sick! However sometimes you might feel envious when you hear about strong typing, code completion, classes, and all that other stuff to aid in developing large scale applications.… Read more…
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Mikko Haapoja
HTML5 Canvas: The OTHER white meat
With the large push away from Flash due to Apple’s decision to not allow it on iOS, developers are turning towards javascript and the canvas tag to perform some of… Read more…
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Matthew Potter
HTML5 Frameworks
Ted Patrick will take you on a tour of HTML5 frameworks from building responsive pages, to complete applications, and everything between. We will cover framework fundamentals, development paradigms, and discuss… Read more…
Web Dev
Ted Patrick
Introduction to WebGL
WebGL is a DOM API providing funtionality similar to OpenGL ES 2.0, enabling access to programmable graphics hardware. We’ll quickly introduce WebGL, review its current status and near-future prospects, and… Read more…
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Benoit Jacob
JavaScript + HTML5 Video = Woah!
JavaScript and HTML5 have opened up an entire new realm of possibility for video on the web. The VIDEO element is the clay from which we mold many of our… Read more…
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Wes Bos
Javascript Unit Testing
We’ve seen this a million times. A developer releases their new Javascript Framework and writes up a simple Todo list application as an example. The problem is they almost certainly… Read more…
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Dan Williams
Node.JS: Beyond the Hype
Luke Galea will introduce you to Node.js, the asynchronous server-side javascript platform. Named by InfoWorld as 2012’s Technology of the Year and recently surpassing Ruby on Rails as the most… Read more…
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Luke Galea