Join us for this free ONLINE presentation with

James Eberhardt

Senior Software Developer,
Canadian Digital Service

Followed by a Q&A session

Countries across the world are looking for solutions in modern technology to stave off our current pandemic. Leveraging the ubiquity of cell phones, health departments implement a variety of approaches to deliver digital contact tracing, to help alert people to potential exposure to coronavirus and flatten the curve.

Join James Eberhardt, a software developer on the team building the Canadian COVID Alert app, as he talks about the solution implemented by Canada compared to solutions created by other countries. Learn about Apple and Google’s part in developing a framework that is helping countries launch apps as quickly as possible, giving people more tools to fight COVID-19. Along with a thorough overview of the technology, he will also address issues such as implementation, effectiveness, public perception, criticisms of the app, and of course – privacy.


Understand how apps such as COVID Alert work and help within the larger strategy of fighting the spread of coronavirus.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. How the app uses Bluetooth to determine proximity
  2. Apple and Google’s development of the Exposure Notification framework
  3. Privacy protection within the app
  4. Limitations of the app
  5. Other solutions around the world

Target Audience

This presentation is for anyone interested in technology solutions to help fight COVID-19.