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Back-end Canvas
The Canvas API is not just confined to the browser. The introduction of server-side Javascript, thanks to Node.js, has enabled the same functionality and syntax as its front-end counterpart, and… Read more…
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Peter Nitsch
CTO, Wattage
CSS3: the web’s Swiss Army Knife updated and improved
Throughout the years, the Swiss Army Knife has been the trusted companion of scouts and explorers alike, and for front-end developers, CSS has been a trusty, if sometimes frustrating, companion.… Read more…
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Greg Rewis
Dude, Where’s my Geolocation?
In this session we will walk through the main features of the HTML5 Geolocation API. From privacy concerns to fall back plans if location can’t be determined, we will look… Read more…
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David Neumann
Leave No Feature Behind: Polyfilling The HTML5 Gaps
We all want to use HTML5 and the hot new features being implemented in our favorite browsers right away, but how can we use these awesome new capabilities while ensuring… Read more…
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Addy Osmani
Staff Software Engineer at Google, Google
Popcorn.js: Make Your Media Come Alive
This presentation includes examples and light tutorials. Attendees will learn how to comfortably transition onto the Open Web Platform using merging libraries and tools from the Popcorn project.
Read more…
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Bobby Richter
Tagging Structure
It’s great that we now have all of these new web tags available for us to structure our content, but exactly how do we do it? What is the purpose… Read more…
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Matthew Potter
The State of the Web
Many years have passed since the invention of the Web. More than ever, the Web is present in our life, and it is a powerful tool that helps us in… Read more…
Web Dev
Frédéric Harper
Senior Developer Advocate, DigitalOcean