Join us for this free 60-minute ONLINE presentation at 1:00 p.m. EDT with Shawn Frayne, Missy Senteio, and hosted by Jared Ficklin.

Remember the future of holograms we were shown in sci-fi films growing up? The ones we were supposed to be using for everything? They’re here.

Welcome to the future of visualization, where virtually anything— 3D animations and characters, applications made in Unity and Unreal, even pictures from your phone—can be viewed in the real world as 3D holograms without glasses or headgear. Just like in the movies, except for real.

In this presentation, Shawn Frayne, CEO and Co-founder of Looking Glass Factory and Missy Senteio, Developer Experience Engineer at Looking Glass Factory will dive into what modern day holograms are, how they’re being utilized in creative industries, and why creative experimentation is foundational for technological innovation.

What Audience Members Will Learn

  1. What holograms mean for your work and industry
  2. A brief history on how the most sophisticated 3D display came to be
  3. How you can turn your work into holograms, at any experience level
  4. What’s next for 3D creation, visualization and showcase

Target Audience

Anyone that creates or showcases anything in 3D, all photographers of any skill level, folks either already in the AR/VR/MR world or those looking to get started in it.


Shawn Frayne
Co-founder and CEO, Looking Glass Factory
Missy Senteio
Developer Experience Engineer, Looking Glass Factory
Jared Ficklin
Chief Creative Technologist, argodesign