Join us for this free online presentation at 1:00 p.m. EDT

The relationship between pop culture and design is essentially a feedback loop —from passion-fueled fan art to the professionally-designed graphics and aesthetics that define an era. In today’s world, pop culture moves at the speed of digital, bringing passionate and community-based fans along with it––fans who connect online and have high standards for content and ways in which they engage digitally.

In this session, let’s dive into the golden age of pop culture in a digital-first world, and discuss why there’s never been a better time for designers to speak to a new generation of consumers. But these are not regular consumers—they are fans. From designing interactive experiences for Harry Potter fanatics, to experiences for the tough-to-reach audience of Twitch gamers, we’ll discuss what’s most exciting about design and the future of the fandom in the new digital era.


Gain better understanding of fans’ behaviour in the new era and how design can speak to their hearts.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  • What the golden age of pop culture is and how it influences design
  • The difference between designing for consumers and designing for fans
  • How to use design strategically to speak to fans’ hearts
  • The importance of being detail-oriented when creating for niche audiences
  • How to appeal to hard-to-reach audiences like the gaming community

Target Audience

This session is for everyone who wants to learn about creating for pop-culture enthusiasts, fans, and the most passionate side of design.