Join us for this free 60-minute online session at 1:00 p.m. EDT

There’s a lot of buzz around design systems right now, but what are they and why are they important? Design systems are used in many organizations as a systematic approach to design and provide a shared language among team members. They help to improve communication, scalability, and affect the user’s overall experience. In the session, we will cover the what, the why, as well as the how in creating design systems with Adobe XD.

Note: While not a prerequisite, feel free to watch the replay of FITC Sessions: Design, Prototype & Share with Adobe XD. 


Learn how to create a design system in Adobe XD.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn   

  • Fundamentals of a design system including typography, colors, components, interactive states, and more within Adobe XD
  • How to create a design system for your project/company
  • Sharing a design system within a team environment
  • How to deliver consistent experiences faster with a design system
  • Evolutions of design systems

Target Audience

Anybody interested in a UX/UI tool.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

No prior knowledge of any design tool is necessary.