Join us for this free 45-minute ONLINE presentation by Talin Wadsworth, Lead Product Designer, Adobe XD, followed by a Q&A session with Talin hosted by Lindsay Munro.

Your design manifesto! Principles to build better process, navigate critical feedback and expand your impact.

Manifesto: a declaration of your core values and beliefs.

With design increasingly playing a bigger and bigger role in the companies that define how we shop, think, and interact with one another, it’s vitally important that each of us cultivate a core set of design principles and beliefs that can help us navigate a world that often doesn’t have the best interest of the audience, or user, in mind.

A clearly stated design manifesto can help you establish strong personal process, navigate critical feedback, and expand your impact within your team or company.

Join me for an informal and far ranging talk on how writing a personal manifesto in design school has influenced the trajectory of my career and helped establish a strong team culture and process at Adobe.


The Manifesto of the Manifesto Talk
1. Every good designer must have a core set of principles.
2. These principles are the rocks on which the waves of design twitter breaks.
3. The designer must wield these principles in defence of humans and society over the interests of business and technology

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. A brief history on the role of the manifesto in art and culture.
  2. How a clear statement of principles or beliefs can influence your design decision making.
  3. How strong personal principles can influence the process and culture of your team.
  4. How to navigate critical feedback or opposition from business partners.
  5. (And what I looked like in art school…)

Target Audience

Designers at any level of their career.