Moderated by Dayton Pereira with speakers Andrew Bell, Dan Sormani, GMUNK, Lifelong Friendship Society.

“Pay your Dues” - Ryan Wolman
“Surround yourself with amazing talent” - GMUNK

Young Talent was a great panel with speakers that always managed to agree with one another. Dayton did a great job interacting with the audience for a truly interactive panel. The speakers shared their thoughts on different problems and common mistakes made by interns, such as a low skilled individual with high expectations and the big egos, and provided solutions for entering the field. It was fascinating learning the routes that they took to get were they are now. A lot of attendees benefited from this session and if you missed out I recorded an informative clip, enjoy!

[youtube UNkDefLIcO8]

The impression I got from the panel was that no matter how much you get out there it all comes down to the quality of your work and how you fit within their studio’s culture.