HTML 5 Game from gSkinner
Grant Skinner and his team have recently launched a tower defense game called Pirates Love Daisies. It's a project commissioned by Microsoft and is the first real HTML 5 / javascript project Grant's team has taken on. On his blog, Grant goes into a lot of detail about the process and the experience of working on a non-Flash project. Not only do you get to enjoy the wonderful results of their work in the form of a game, but you also get access to the open source Easel JS library that they created. Easel JS pulls many of it's ideas from the AS3 DisplayList API.
Pirates Love Daisies:
Easel JS:
Grant's blog:

Flash Physics
Lee Brimelow's posted a new tutorial on using Box2D and the World Construction Kit with Flash CS5 to implement some amazing physics stuff.

Future of
Techno pioneer Richie Hawtin provides quite the ringing endorsement on the future of André and Joa's  AudioTool application becoming part of an online platform for Burn Studios.

Flex Development for Free
InsideRIA has posted a tutorial on how to do Flex dev free using Notepad++, Ant and the Flex SDK.

Create a lightbox gallery with Flash Catalyst
Title pretty much says it all. This brief tutorial walks you through creating a custom component for displaying images in a gallery style format using Catalyst.

Flex on iOS?
There's an interesting little bit about the future of Flex Hero on iOS tucked away in the FAQ for the upcoming Flex SDK release.

Will Flex standalone applications run on both the iPhone and iPad?
Yes. Adobe engineering is currently working on updating Flex, Flash Builder, and Adobe AIR to enable standalone, installed applications built with Flex to run on both the iPhone and iPad devices. Application performance and feature set are expected to be consistent across applications running on iOS, Android and Blackberry Tablet OS devices.

Details on Molehill
Want to know more about Molehill, the in development 3D api Adobe's building into the Flash Player? Well Lee Brimelow did too so he shot a video interview with Thibault Imbert to get the answers.