This week we've seen some awesome new tools come on the scene. Here are just a few, as well as some other "must bookmark" items. Enjoy!

Flash Builder Sneak Peek
Flash Builder “Burrito” is an upcoming version of the product that is currently in development – the final feature sneak (for now) will be posted next week. Check out the video - looks slick!

North By Northeast Interactive Submissions Now Open
NXNE is looking for panel discussions and presentations that will provide a rich and valuable experience for our attendees. The topics can cross a multitude of disciplines that intersect with Interactive at some point. Submit your speaking ideas before October 31st!

$10M contest from Nokia and AT&T
"We’re challenging developers to create new applications and games for the new Nokia N8 and future Nokia devices for consumers in the U.S. and Canada. With $10 million in cash, devices, and marketing prizes up for grabs, now is the time for you to take advantage of Ovi Store’s global reach which gives you access to the world’s largest community of app-purchasing mobile consumers."

Adobe ActionScript 3 SDK for Facebook Platform
The new Adobe ActionScript 3 SDK for Facebook Platform API, fully supported by Facebook and Adobe, makes it easy to build applications that combine the strengths of the Flash Platform. Developed by, this class library facilitates the development of Flash Platform applications that communicate with Facebook using the OpenGraph API.

New Blackberry Tablet is Great for Flash
Lee Brimelow gives the scoop on the new Blackberry Playbook and what it has in store for the future of tablet computing as well as interactivity.
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