Some great links have been passed around over the week and we're wanted to share some of our favorites. Feel free to share some of your favs as well in the comments and send us ones you think we should be aware for next weeks post (

Apple relents on Flash-derived iPhone, iPad apps
In a stunning reversal, one that hasn't ever been seen coming from Cupertino before, Apple has updated its license restrictions to let Flash and other frameworks be used in application creation. "Four and a half months after an Apple license change led Adobe Systems to scrap a project to bring Flash-derived applications to the iPhone, Apple has reversed the ban."

MySQL Diehard vs. NoSQL Fanboi: The Animated Movie
Funny video debating the merits of MySQL and NoSQL. Its obviously done for the lolz but the MySQL community has taken it personally on a few different blogs and forums. No matter, it makes for a funny 5 minutes on a Friday afternoon.

Showcase: Textures in Web Design
"Textured backgrounds in website design are common, especially in grunge designs. But they’re used in a variety of other design styles, too. Textures can add visual interest to an otherwise-minimalist design, or can add that extra bit of detail that really makes a design pop." Checkout these awesome examples and also follow some of the links to grab your own free textures to use.

Yet Another Social Network Launches, But At Least With An Epic Press Release
The smart folks at put together a clever press release that grabbed the attention of the writers over at TechCrunch. Ingenious way to get the word out there about your work/product. Definitely something to think about for all the startups out there!

Movies In Haiku Prints
Our friend and fellow Canadian, Hugh Elliot, has put together some awesome screenprints of, well, movie haikus written at Its an ingenious and inspiring idea! Check out the Etsy store and pick up one of these for the office or home - very rad stuff!

Free drinks, free food, good times with Google!
One of the things we've been jazzed about as we lead into FITC mobile is the Google Networking party for Mobile developers and designers! It'll be in Toronto on Sept 17th. Totally free and totally awesome crowd but space is filling up quick. RSVP now to make sure you're on the list!

FITC San Francisco 2010 Highlight Reel
We had an awesome time in San Francisco for FITC and here's the vid to prove it! Thanks to Stock Archive for making such an awesome highlight reel!