We're lucky to have dozens of accomplished authors as part of our speaker roster here at FITC, and many of them are part of Web Unleashed 2016!  Let us take a look at some of the must read books they have to offer:

JavaScript Patterns:
Build Better Applications with Coding and Design Patterns

by Stoyan Stefanov

"JavaScript is a functional language with highly dynamic characteristics. This allows for expressive code and Stoyan Stefanov skilfully captures and explains the common idioms."— Adam Tornhill

Javascript Design Patterns

Sublime Text

by Wes Bos

"Time is a huge factor in staying productive. Your editor is the one tool you spend most of yours in and you should invest in optimizing your workflow skills. You'll benefit from them everyday. Wes has some of the best insights in workflow of anyone I know." —Addy Osmani (Google)

 Sublime Text

Responsive Typography:
Using Type Well on the Web

by Jason Pamental

"Both designers and front-end developers will benefit from reading this book, which is concise and at times a witty introduction to responsive typography." —Darren Germain

Responsive Typography

Smashing Book 5:
Real-Life RWD

by Vitaly Friedman

Part of the ever growing Smashing Library, Smashing Book 5 is their brand new book with smart front-end techniques and design patterns derived from real-life responsive projects.  "It's an incredible achievement and should absolutely be in your "must-have" web-development books this year." — Matt Hill (Future Learn)



CSS Secrets:
Better Solutions to Everyday Web Design Problems

by Lea Verou

"I've been a professional front-end developer for 8 years, and this book blew me away with the sheer number of things that were new to me."

CSS Secrets

You Don't Know JS: 
ES6 & Beyond

by Kyle Simpson

The latest in his series: You Don't Know JS,  this compact guide focuses on new features available in ECMAScript 6.

"The JavaScript we will write in a couple of years will look completely different than what we have come to know. We need help to make the transition. This book from a proven author and master teacher is a great way to begin." - Jim Fathman


Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Making App Store Apps Without Objective-C or Cocoa

by Jonathan Stark

"This book in short enables users with only a moderate grasp of web programming to write apps for the iPhone, without spending one bean other than the cost of the book. How can you not love this guy?"


So curl up with a good book and prep some questions for these and many more speakers at Web Unleashed this fall in Toronto, October 3-4.  Tickets on sale now - save $100 with code 'BOOKS'!