Short-comings of self-taught programmers?

One of the things that's fairly common throughout the Flash community is that developers are often self-taught. Chances are if you're doing Actionscript 3 coding these days you started out as a designer or HTML/javascripter and learned Flash as you needed to. As everyone digs deeper into AS3 and all that comes with it, the community as a whole has become much more sophisticated in terms of the type of programming that's going on. If you're self-taught though, what attributes or skills might you lack that a computer science grad might have? Join this discussion on Quora to share your experiences and maybe learn some things you should think about adding to your bag of coding tricks.

Threading in Actionscript - and much more

This week's Creative Coding Podcast from Seb and Iain features interviews done at FITC Amsterdam with Adobe engineers about many of the things they are working. One of those engineers is Jim Corbett who addresses the long talked about issue of threading. The podcast also discusses Wallaby, Molehill and more.

jQuery Mobile coming to future version of Dreamweaver

In this Adobe TV video Scott Fegette shows a quick overview of how you'll be able to work with the jQuery Mobile framework in a future release of Dreamweaver. Looks impressive. My favourite part though is when they blank the audio as he says the version.
For a list of other tech sneak peak videos check this:

Sources of Inspiration

Feeling creatively stuck? Here's a beautiful series of short videos exploring where different creators find their inspiration and develop ideas.
(via @brainpicker)

Myst goes Open Source

Looking for something a little different to dabble in and feeling nostalgic about video game adventures from your past, well head over to where Cyan Worlds has just open sourced everything you need to create your own Myst like adventure.  The platform includes the main client engine, 3DS Max plugins and even the server platform that runs Myst Online.