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In my last blog post, I talked about design collective, Red Paper Heart and their work on Cycling Classic, a Goldsprint-style stationary bike race seen at the 2011 E2NY Music and Arts Festival. It took biking to new heights by giving the sense of motion without any at all and juxtaposed dynamic environments to spur the racers and audience on. Social interaction and uncovering thrills in monotony are two things that this collective do best, but what happens when an installment doesn’t go quite as planned? What happens when a creative process short turns and a new one begins?

In The Party That Never Was Philip Sierzega and Daniel Scheibel of Red Paper Heart discussed the trials and tribulations involved in one particular installment at the 2011 UrbanDaddy Holiday Party. Originally to be held at the Olde Amsterdam Theatre in Times Square, Philip and Daniel spent an extensive amount of time researching the theatre’s interior in order to create a Luna Park-themed Winter Wonderland.

Fully of nostalgic whimsy, this installment was built to near completion only to have the location change days before the event. Philip and Daniel agreed to continue their collaboration with UrbanDaddy and spent a total of ten days working from scratch. With the event now held at an old bank in the financial district in Times Square, their old installment just wouldn’t work in this new atmosphere. Changes need to be made, and fast.

The development process went smoother than anticipated, even if it was rushed. The bank’s art deco style gave way to several new ideas including a giant projected grandfather clock that would make announcements throughout the night and whole slew of performers in between. Aptly titled, A Golden Clock, this installment was a complete success despite limited time. This just goes to show how passion can surpass even the toughest roadblocks in order to create an inspiring and powerful vision.

If you want to see the party for yourself, check out this behind the scenes video below:

To learn more about what Red Paper Heart does and to find out more about A Golden Clock, check out their website. You can also find the guys via Twitter @dscheibel and @frozencardoor.