As part of our celebration for the ten year anniversary of FITC, we selected ten FITC Speakers from the past ten years and asked them to design a print with the theme 'TEN'. We've been blown away by the art produced, and if you're attending FITC Toronto you'll get a chance to see and buy a copy. The prints are printed on 80lb strathmore woven matte and are 12x12, which are easy to transport and also easy to frame, and limited to 70 numbered copies of each print. Each print will be $20. Also available is as an entire set, complete with an FITC Album cover to store them, which was limited to 25 numbered copies (Ten of which will be given to the ten artists involved, and another 5 are being held by FITC, so only ten set will actually be on sale). The entire set will be available for $170. In addition each attendee of FITC Toronto will receive a very special gift utilizing this art. We'd tell you what it is, but wheres the surprise in that? ;)

The artists are:

  • Erik Natzke
  • James Paterson
  • Robert L. Peters
  • Robert Lindström
  • Florian Schmitt
  • MK12
  • James White
  • Kyle Cooper
  • Brendan Dawes

A very special thank you to James White for helping to work on this project including the design of the album cover itself.

The Entire Set and album cover

The Album Cover

Designed by Kyle Cooper of Prologue

Designed by Brendan Dawes

Designed by Robert Lindström of North Kingdom

Designed by MK12

Designed by Erik Natzke

Designed by James Paterson

Designed by Robert L Peters

Designed by Florian Schmitt of Hi-Res

Designed by WEFAIL

Designed by James White