We've already talked about the benefits of networking at FITC and how nearly 30% of attendees have found the conference led to new work for them. But just in case that's not enough, here's 11 reasons why you should be at FITC Toronto, only a little more than a week from now.

1. MTV Jackass at FITC Toronto. Rumor has it they may make an appearance.Only at FITC.

2. Colin Moock and Derek Clayton will be launching the alpha of The Union Platform™, a development platform for creating multiuser applications. See it first at FITC Toronto.

3. Joshua Davis launches a new line of product and kicks of a gallery show. See it first at FITC. Miquelrius

4. FITC's Get a Job event on the Saturday. FREE. Details

5. Autodesk holds a free workshop on Saturday: 2D TO 3D: TAKE YOUR PROJECT TO THE NEXT DIMENSION. Details

6. Flash Developer/comedian Phillip Kerman is hosting THE FITC AWARDS SHOW PARTY. This should be good. Details

7. James Bond comes to FITC, compliments of MK12. Details

8. FITC brings the coolest Flash work from Japan. Side A and Side B
. Only at FITC.

9. We have four FITC parties planned. Our parties are infamous. Seriously.

10. FITC supports females. And we've giving away a hundred tickets to prove it. Details

11.The Cool Shit Hour. Only at FITC. Details