We have finally managed to get 22 session videos from FITC Toronto 2009 online for your viewing pleasure. There are a wide variety of both design and technical sessions. 

Watch the videos here: fitc.ca/media

Thank you to Aquent for providing the resources to record and edit these videos. This is the first year we've had well produced videos like these and we couldn't have done them without Aquent's support.

Also, thank you to Influxis for providing us with the hosting for these videos. If you have any video or FMS needs, check out Influxis. They make it so incredibly easy to get started with a wide variety of sample applications and wizards to help you along. 

There are more videos coming as well. We still have a few more of the Aquent produced videos as well as a pile of VGA recordings from some of the smaller sessions. We recorded these with the help of hardware supplied by Adobe and we aim to get them online in the next few days.

And if that's not all enough, these videos will all eventually be making their way on to Adobe TV as well. FITC has our own channel there and Adobe are working to the videos online. http://tv.adobe.com/show/fitc/