Andrew Holden's Go Mobile or Go Home! presentation expressed the popularity of mobile technology and how developers need to optimize that user experience. Much like the seminars before it, Go Mobile or Go Home! focuses on different aspects of programming, design and marketing in order to achieve something innovative, expansive and practical. There are still about 80% of businesses who don't have a mobile presence, and since more than 50% of local internet searches are mobile, it's pivotal that more businesses consider expanding their projects further.

As Andrew stated, the first question you want to ask yourself when creating an app is, 'who are you solving problems for?' You need to recognize the customer market and their intent behind a purchase and make that purchase worthwhile with an app that encourages engagement and social interaction in an easy-to-follow format. Most of all, you need to relish persistent navigation and keep your users wanting more. Focusing on basic factors is essential to meeting the needs of your users without getting lost in your concept.

That said, Andrew also mentioned the importance of HTML5 and how, while still a little rough around the edges, it has the potential to offer more of those engaging experiences while still simple and straightforward for developers. HTML5 is rich with possibilities and is still practical to use without breaking the bank.

Once past the conceptual stage, Andrew talked about some other very important points when creating a great mobile experiences like creating a user story, having a goal you can measure, reach every customer and react to business changes instantly. These are each key factors you need to take into account if you want to make a successful, stable app for yourself or your client. The more you can familiarize yourself with these particular steps the more prepared and organized you'll be in the long run.

Andrew gave a lot of helpful tips that I hope will help you and/or your business. If you'd like, you can follow him at his company's Twitter page @weeverapps or at the below links: