Chances are you know who Joshua Davis is. He's been at nearly every FITC event and he's been innovating online since before most people knew what the web was. Davis is most well known for his generative art using Illustrator and Flash to create all manner of interesting, one-of-a-kind compositions.

Most recently Davis has taken his aesthetic to the iPhone in the form of Reflect, a kaleidoscope inspired app that let's the user play with form and colour compositions based on Davis' artwork. As Brendan Dawes so aptly put it on Twitter, "The @joshuadavis iPhone app is like having a crazy assed tattoo laden generative artist in your pocket. Lovely way to waste time."

Indeed, the app is fun to play with and provides a wide variety of controls to explore and create. You start by selecting a set of shapes and a colour palette to use then paint the patterns on the screen with your finger. When the base image is to your satisfaction you move on to the kaleidoscope where you can literally shake things up.

There's also a few easter eggs in the app. Try double tapping the screen. It should break into pieces that you can then orbit through 3D space while still sending the images crazy by shaking the device. Next, try double tapping but hold the second tap. This gives you a variation of the break and rotate pattern. If you really like your composition you can save it out as a photo on your iPhone. The image is really low res though so don't go thinking you've just found a cheap way to make Joshua Davis art to hang on your wall.

If you're looking for something a little different to help pass the time and you've mastered FlightControl, give Reflect a try.