Introducing the first three of seven speakers for this year's Emerging Technology and Advertising (ETA)...

Ray Kurzweil

CEO and Founder, Kurzweil Technologies Inc.

Brian Wong

CEO, Kiip

Jared Ficklin

Principle Technologist, Frog Design

What is ETA?

Featuring seven brilliant speakers who all have an interest and an educated opinion on emerging technology and how it will impact marketing, ETA will be a one day conversation that outlines the future shape of the advertising and marketing industry, and how to work within it.

The event came about because there has been significant changes in consumer behaviour and needs, paired with a dynamically changing marketing toolkit, has resulted in a challenging new landscape for marketers. To address 'the challenges of now' requires a new way of thinking and planning, which is where ETA comes in.

A format like no other...

What really sets ETA apart from other events is its format. ETA puts attendees across the table and in discussion with the presenters. Thirty minute presentations are followed by twenty minute discussions at round tables; presenters change tables every hour, providing unparalleled access to real conversations with leaders in the field.

ETA is an invite only event. Interested in attending? Apply here.