Didier Brun will present demo based voice recognition and pitch detection in "You Talkin' to Me?" at FITC San Francisco. He will introduce the new VoiceGesture API and explain how to create a sound model, a voice group, and how to catch voice events. Pretty awesome stuff!

Here's a great video of Didier sharing his knowledge at the Cool Shit Hour for FITC Amsterdam 2010.
[vimeo 9780416]

Didier will also discuss how to build a SingStar-like application from scratch, prepare a mp3-pitch-track, and detect the pitch in real-time. Finally, he will take us through an in-depth explanation of the Dynamic Time Warping algorithm, explaining how we can compare two given images representing data that vary in time.

As a gift, all participants of this session will receive a cd-rom containing the first public release of VoiceGesture and all the sources used during the session.

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