We’re pumped for Web Unleashed and we don’t want anyone to miss out! However, we know not everyone can get out of the office or travel from their part of the world to join us. So to keep you updated on what’s going down, we’ve recruited a couple of our community members, Rick Mason and Matthew Fabb, to take over our Twitter and Instagram. They'll serve as your eyes and ears on the ground during the two-day event.

Both Rick and Matthew are developers and seasoned FITC event pros. You can get to know them and what they’re most excited about seeing at the main event below.

Also, be sure to follow their updates by tracking the #WebU hashtag or by following our accounts!

Meet Rick Mason, Senior Web Developer, Relish Interactive


Rick is a jack of all trades, with a focus on server side development. He also spends a lot of time working on improving development workflows, from bug tracking through to deployment; a devops hat is often firmly in place as Rick works to help his team work better.

From early days doing product development at the turn of the century, to seven years at Toronto's alt-weekly, NOW Magazine and now building products like Newsana.com at Relish, Rick's developer experience has run the gamut.

When not doing his day job, Rick spends his time reading and writing about technology or organizing CreateInTO, a monthly gathering of creative technologists, designers and developers to look at the more creative and novel applications of the technology we use daily.

Last but certainly not least, for 15 years Rick has worked alongside FITC, helping build websites, coordinate technology needs for the events and most importantly, working to curate some of the best and most interesting speakers for all of FITC's events.

What is Rick most excited about seeing at Web Unleashed?
"I'm super stoked that Douglas Crockford is coming. This will be a great way to kick off the event. The React sessions are also top of mind for me as this is a framework I'm anxious to dive into. All things devops are also on my radar as this is an area I'm spending more and more time in.

Also, the unexpected sessions I end up in on a whim are often some of the best and most enlightening."

You can find Rick on Twitter @egnaro.

Meet Matthew Fabb, Senior Interactive Developer, Secret Location

matt fabb

With over a decade of work in the web and interactive field Matthew has a wide range of experience as a front-end developer working with Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript and most recently Unity.

He was a technical editor for Wiley/Wrox’s Professional Adobe Flex 3.

Currently he's a developer at the Secret Location and overly excited about the potential of virtual reality.

What is Matthew most excited about seeing at Web Unleashed?
"Grant Skinner's talk on ES6. Skinner's presentations are always great, and I'm interested in hearing what he has to say about EcmaScript 6."

You can find Matthew on Twitter @matthewfabb.

See you online!