It's all the rage these days. Maybe @oprah or @aplusk is following you right now. Maybe you're following them. Really, who cares. What we do care about is that you stay tuned to @fitc.

As a reward to our followers old and new, we're going to run a little contest here. Our theme at FITC Toronto this year is Outside the Lines. We want you to share with everything the Flash "thing" that you think is most outside the lines. I say thing because it could be a site, animation, application, whatever. Just aim to impress us!

To enter, send the link to @fitc on Twitter before midnight April 22nd. We'll compile the links and pick the top 10. First place wins a free ticket to FITC Toronto 2009 this weekend! The runner-ups will receive a very special discount code.

Ready... Set... let the tweeting begin!

UPDATE: to clarify, the link doesn't have to be your own work. Just has to be something "outside the lines". The more unique and off the beaten path the better. Inspire us. Make us say, "wow, now that's some cool shit!".