I’ve been following Scott’s work for sometime now. I first discovered him by his alter ego Tycho that he uses for his music projects. I constantly use the tunes to get me in my design groove when my inspiration is on low and it always works. Upon discovering his site, I also found a ton of amazing graphical work. Scott’s designs are heavily influenced by designers of the past and the effects of aging that time has on print. Using type as an illustrative element and offset colours he creates images that have a life of their own. During the presentation he opened up one of his projects and went through each layer explaining how it was accomplished and why he did so. You may catch yourself staring at his work for an extended period of time and don't worry it's perfectly normal, if you zoom in to see the amount of detail, it's absolutely insane.

Here is the end of Scott’s presentation that consisted of a Q&A session with the audience.

[youtube NV0aJuM_jFg]

What I can really appreciate about Scott’s work is that in this world of digital he still understands the aesthetic values of tangible design by blending analogue with digital. It adds so much style and flair. I was lucky enough to grab a few of his prints at the booths and they’re also selling his CD, highly recommended.

"Just finished up my presentation at FITC Toronto. I really enjoyed
talking and want to thank everyone who came out as well as thank FITC
for having me. It’s been a pretty intense 3 days with two shows and a
speech but all the work is finally done so now it’s time to relax and
enjoy the conference and the city." - Scott Hansen