“Thinking outside the box means you’re inside another box.”
There is no box! What a great and inspiring way to start off this conference.

“Jason Theodor is a lecturer, writer, and creative director who focuses on ideas, inspiration, brainstorming, and the internet. Responsible in part for the global re-branding of Yahoo!, the viral success of Dove Evolution, and the online presence of many Fortune 500 companies, he is currently based at Critical Mass Toronto.”
 Source: http://www.fitc.ca/speaker_detail.cfm?festival_id=22&speaker_id=10761

Jason went over some great ways to get the most of ones creative spark. He explained a really cool technique of coming up with 10 ideas in 10 minutes. Here are my ten of what I took from his presentation.

1. Capture thoughts
2. There is no box
3. Chill out (refresh) before taking on a new problem
4. You need a brief
5. Thinking the complete opposite
6. Routine is important
7. Have fun with it
8. Think past Zed
9. Think of 100, you’ll like at least one
10. Relate it to the source

I feel amped to take on my next project with some new tricks up my creative sleeves. Leave a comment with your FITC top 10.