Those living in Toronto or the surrounding area are probably quite familiar with Nuit Blanche; a one night event in October, from sunset to sunrise, dedicated to celebrating the arts. The event is free and this year it takes place Saturday, October 1st in zones across the city of Toronto.

This year’s featured Scotiabank art project is FLUXe, an interactive installation brought to you by one of FITC’s past speakers, Steve Di Lorenzo, co-founder, curator and creative director of Pixel.

Featuring a 100 foot x 33 foot LED screen suspended on the north side of Scotia Plaza, this interactive digital art installation allows the public to transform the work of nine featured artists with the brush of a finger into an imaginative collaboration. Creators can then capture and share their work on the FLUXe Facebook gallery.

Here’s a video demo:

Three of the nine featured artists, Eric Chan, Hugh Elliot and Alex Kurina, whose work will be transformed into hundreds of unique collaborations, are also past FITC speakers.

For those of you who made it FITC Toronto in 2008, FLUXe is version 2.0 of The Artillerist installation featured that year.

If you're in or near Toronto, make sure you get out on Saturday night to support the FITC network. Find out more about Nuit Blanche here.

Also, for every like the FLUXe Facebook page gets, Scotiabank will donate $1 to the Arts for Children and youth organization.

See you on the street!