It was talked about a lot at FITC Toronto and even demo'd by Ralph in his session, but now the rest of us can get our hands on Flash Player 10. As if in response to our post about the Make Some Noise campaign yesterday, one of the most commented on new features is dynamic audio generation. Congrats to Andre and Joa for fighting to get this feature added.

Tinic Uro implemented the new audio features and has a series of blog posts about it online already.
Post 1
Post 2
Post 3

Also notable is Pixel Bender, the new official name for what was formerly called Hydra. In Toronto, PIxel Bender kept coming up in various sessions. On the 3D panel we discussed it's use for generatiing shader-like effects in 3D and for doing large calculations. Jim Corbett's session discussed it's ability to be used for multi-threading type purposes and Joa has plans to use it alongside the new dynamic sound capabilities.

You can find the beta download of the player on the Adobe Labs site.